Reflexology Case Study…Treatment 2

by lrmetcalfe

Treatment Plan
This week, I met my client and last week’s slight sore throat, had turned into a fully-blown (pardon the pun!) cold. She had blocked sinuses, a headache and felt ill and shivery.

From today’s treatment, the client wanted to have a little symptomatic relief from her cold. Her feelings of anxiety have been worsening this week; she thinks this is partly due to her cold and also because her daughter has started nursery school- so she also wanted to feel relaxed.

The Treatment
I commenced the treatment with the usual combination of cleaning the feet and relaxation techniques. The client’s feet were very cold again.

Due to her cold, I decided to focus on the reflexes for the head, sinuses, eyes, nose and face.

The client had a lot of ‘popping’ in these areas. There was also popping in the upper spinal area.

The client’s feet were still in immaculate condition, with no dryness or issues. However, her ankles were slightly swollen; the client believed this was due to walking a lot that day. I focussed on massaging, in long firm strokes up the client’s calves to try and relieve the swelling and encourage drainage.

Today I used a different massage medium- almond oil blended with the warming essential oils, ginger and black pepper. I also used lavender oil to help blend the oils together and encourage relaxation. The client loved this oil blend; she liked the smell and said her feet felt warmer during and after the massage.
At the end of the treatment the client said she felt much calmer, her feet felt warm, her sinus pain had eased a little and she was able to blow her nose, whereas previously her sinuses has been to blocked to do this.

Changes/ Areas to focus on for the next treatment
At the next treatment I will use the same oil blend, hopefully the client’s cold will have improved and I can go back to focussing on making the client feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Client is still not drinking water, and is forgetting to take her multivitamin and mineral tablets- I pressed the importance of this.

The client’s sinuses are very blocked, I suggested she have an Ear Candling treatment to help to relieve this, she has booked this treatment.

I also suggested she do some steam inhalation daily, using a few drops of A.Vogel Po Ho Oil.


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