The Aromatherapy Medicine Chest

by lrmetcalfe

Essential Oils and a simple base oil can provide a variety of remedies to everyday complaints.

Firstly keep a base or carrier oil handy, most essential oils must be combined with a base oil to dilute them. The cheapest and easiest to find of the base oils are almond oil or a good quality olive oil, these can both be found at your local supermarket.

The essential oils can be found at your local health shop or at some larger pharmacies. Once purchased they last for a long time and can be used for a wide variety of problems. Keep these five essential oils stored in a cool dark place with your first aid kit and you may be surprised at how effective these remedies can be.

One of the most popular and well-known essential oils. For stress dot a little on your wrists and temples for a soothing effect; dot on your pillow or add 5 drops to an evening bath if you can’t sleep at night.
For burns or insect bites apply neat to the affected area 3 times a day. Or add a few drops to a plain emollient cream for eczema or dermatitis.

Tea Tree
A valuable part of any first aid kit as it has anti-septic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
Dab onto spots and boils, or for wide-spread acne, add a few drops to a plain facial wash or shower gel and use daily.
As an anti-fungal apply tea tree oil using cotton wool to athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections or ringworm. Sufferers of vaginal thrush can add a few drops to their bath to soothe the irritation.
At the onset of a sore throat or a mouth ulcer gargle with warm water to which 4 drops of tea tree oil has been added.
To prevent head lice, add tea tree oil to a plain shampoo and conditioner or rub a little oil behind the ears, around the hair line.

Rosemary is excellent for soothing aching muscles when added to a base oil and used for massage, alternatively add 5 drops to a hot bath.
A good tonic for the hair, warm your base oil and a few drops of rosemary, rub into the scalp to encourage hair growth, release tension in the head and to prevent dandruff.
For colds, flu or sinus problems add a couple of drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam to clear the catarrh.
Dot onto your wrists and temples whilst studying or during an exam as Rosemary is believed to keep the mind clear and alert.

Roman Chamomile
A good essential oil to use with children and babies, as it is mild and gentle. Use a drop in a child’s bath at night to soothe them to sleep. Stomach ache, colic or indigestion can be eased by adding a couple of drops of chamomile to a base oil and massaging gently into the stomach and lower back in a clockwise direction.
Roman Chamomile is a useful oil for skin care, especially in cases where the skin is inflamed, dry, sore or sensitive, add a few drops to a plain lotion or base oil and massage daily into the affected area.

Peppermint Oil
A popular and well- known essential oil. Great for treating digestive complaints, add to a base oil and massage gently into the stomach in a clockwise direction to ease constipation.
Peppermint can be combined with a base oil or petroleum jelly and rubbed onto the chest to clear catarrh during a cold or flu alternatively add 3 drops in the bath or use for steam inhalation.
A few drops of Peppermint sniffed from a tissue may alleviate nausea or the symptoms of shock.
Combined with lavender, peppermint can ease a headache or migraine; add a drop of each to a base oil massage into the scalp and neck and dot on the temples.

Essential oils should be used in small amounts and should usually be diluted before use. Always complete a ‘patch test’ before using an essential oil for the first time. Some essential oils are not suitable for use during pregnancy, on young children or on those who suffer from epilepsy or other medical conditions. If in doubt please consult your doctor first.


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