Holistic Holiday Checklist

by lrmetcalfe

Getting ready to leave the downpour of Britain and jet off into the sunshine? Here are a few holistic essentials to get you prepared for a perfect holiday!

Probiotic Supplement

Do you suffer from Delhi Belly or Travellers Tummy when you’re on holiday? Then a probiotic supplement should definitely be on your holiday packing list. Probiotic bacteria or ‘friendly bacteria’, naturally inhabit our digestive systems, they have many functions. Probiotic bacteria help the immune system to fight off ‘pathogenic bacteria’ which cause disease and illness in the body. They also help to maintain proper digestive function. Taking a supplement of probiotic bacteria for the month before you travel and whilst you’re on holiday may help to counteract the effects that foreign bacteria, poor quality drinking water and unusual foods may have on our digestive tracts. After all who wants to waste their holiday suffering from an upset stomach? To find a high quality probiotic supplement go to your local health food store and speak to the advisors, they will be able to help. Alternatively stock up on natural live yoghurt and friendly bacteria yoghurt drinks from the supermarket and eat these daily to get a dietary hit of probiotic bacteria.

Aloe Vera Gel

Pure Aloe Vera gel is one of nature’s best remedies for burns, so instead of the after-sun pack a tube of aloe vera gel, it has a cooling and moisturising effect on sun burnt skin. Look for a pure gel from your local health shop or pharmacy and slather it on when you come in from a day of sunbathing!

Ward off insect bites with Citronella oil and B vitamins!

Citronella candles are available in many camping stores and citronella oil is added to many sun creams now to ward away insects. Citronella oil is an unpleasant smell to insects, who avoid this aromatic citrus oil. Why not create your own insect repellent, purchase a bottle of citronella oil from your local health shop or pharmacy and add a drop to your sun cream, or dot on the pillows and sheets in your hotel for a cheap and effective way to keep insects away. Or add to a diffuser bottle of water and spray away!

Another way to combat insect bites is to take a good quality B vitamin supplement before you go on holiday, make sure the supplement is high in Vitamin B1 (50-100mg). Take for two weeks before you leave and during your holiday to make your blood unpleasant to mosquitoes and insects. Garlic has the same effect, but make sure you take a high quality aged garlic supplement.


Ginger is a must have for sufferers of travel sickness. Stock up on ginger beer, tea, sweets or biscuits and slowly sip or chew before and during your journey. Or visit your local health shop for Ginger essential oil, put a couple of drops on a tissue and sniff during your journey.

Get prepared and have a wonderful holiday!


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