Get Moving!

by lrmetcalfe

Suffering from Olympic Fever? If you’re hooked and feel motivated to get moving here’s a summary of Olympic sports you could try without much cost or sporting skill!

Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two or four players . Badminton is easy to learn and less demanding than other racquet sports. Its popularity is increasing as is the amount of Badminton clubs in the UK.

It’s easy to get started, 2 racquets and a shuttlecock can be picked up for a reasonable price from sports suppliers and even supermarkets during the summer.

Many leisure centers and gyms have badminton courts available for use; you could join a club or just set up a net in your own back garden!

Badminton can be as strenuous or as light a workout as you make it. Either way, the entire body is used due to the large range of movement the sport demands; it’s  a great cardiovascular workout and can improve balance and co-ordination. Also the range of strokes stretches your muscles and improves their flexibility.

Play 30 minutes of low impact Badminton and you could burn up to 139 calories!

Badminton is a good way to get into racquet sports, and is easy enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Football is arguably the most followed and played sport in the UK. It is easy to get started just grab a football and get down to the park or in the garden for a kick about!

To take it to the next level, join your local football club or arrange a 5-a-side with your friends, you could club together to hire the facilities at your closest leisure centre.

Football is a great cardiovascular exercise and it can help to improve balance and hand-eye co- ordination. Football also encourages flexibility in the muscles and joints.

Not just a refreshing way to cool down in the summer heat, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can take up.

If you use a variety of strokes, swimming works practically every muscle in the body. A great cardiovascular exercise, and gentle on your joints. It can be enjoyed alone or with your family or friends. Swimming encourages endurance, muscle strength and flexibility.

So get out your bathing suit out and start splashing to burn up to 217 calories for 30 minutes of light-effort swimming.

A fantastic exercise to enjoy with your family, cycling is also easy to fit into your daily routine, so leave the car behind and cycle to work or to the shops!

Cycling is becoming more and more accessible in the UK, cycle lanes on roads are increasing. There are many designated cycle routes throughout parks and the British countryside, if you want to enjoy the scenery as you ride.

Cycling, completed in the great outdoors will also encourage your body to produce Vitamin D, as the sunlight hits your exposed skin. Vitamin D is essential for bone and immune health.

Low impact, so easier on the joints than other exercises, it is still a great cardiovascular workout that you can take at your own pace. A leisurely 30 minute bike ride can burn up to 124 calories.

Before setting off make sure your bike is fitted with lights and reflectors and you are wearing a suitable helmet. Ensure you regularly check the condition of your bike, for more information on what to look for, visit the Bike4Life website.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter which sport or exercise you choose just get moving! All exercise will burn calories, improve the health of your heart and encourage the release of mood-enhancing endorphins….so what are you waiting for!


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